Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings include presentations delivered at academic and other conferences.


Baltruschat, D. (2012). Media Ecologies in Film: Defining Cross-border Dynamics of Canadian and U.S. Cinema. Invited Keynote Speaker for ‘The Art of Cinema – Canada & the United States’ conference held at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Baltruschat, D. (2014). I-Docs for Change (!?): How Convergence has changed the Production, Distribution and Consumption (and expectations) of Documentaries . ‘What is Documentary?’ conference. University of Oregon, Portland, OR

Baltruschat, D. (2013). Digital Cinema in Transition: Story-flows across Screens: An Analysis of Canadian Transmedia Production. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences/ Film Studies Association of Canada. University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

Baltruschat, D. (2013). Critical Perspectives on Film and Transmedia Production in the Digital Age. Advancing Media Production Research: IAMCR pre-conference. Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

Baltruschat (2011). Media Production Ecologies. A Theoretical Paradigm for Studies of Visual and Participatory Media. Annual conference of the International Visual Sociology Association, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Baltruschat, D. (2009). Global Media Ecologies and Film Production. ‘What is Film? Change & Continuity in the 21st Century’ conference. University of Oregon, Portland, OR

Baltruschat, D. (2008). Global Media Ecologies: Networked Film and TV Production and the Interactive Audience. Media, Communication and Humanity: Media@lse Fifth anniversary conference. London School of Economics, London, UK

Baltruschat, D. (2007). Global and Local Media Networks: Contrasting Modes of Production. ‘Enclosure, Emancipatory Communication and the Global City’. A conference of the Union for Democratic Communications. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC

Baltruschat, D. (2006). Television Formats: the Cross-border Adaptation of Formulaic Productions and Narratives. ‘Cross-Border Cultural Production: Economic Runaway or Globalization?’ conference at the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Baltruschat, D. (2005). Global Civil Society and Media/Democracy Action. The Third International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities. University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Baltruschat, D. (2003). Television and Canada’s Aboriginal Communities—Seeking Opportunities through Digital Technologies. Media in Transition 3: Television conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Baltruschat, D. (2002). Film and TV Co-productions: A Canadian Case Study. Media in Transition 2: Globalization and Convergence conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

Erickson, Mary. “Television in the Peace Arch Country: Regional Identification of KVOS-TV in the Pacific Northwest.” Paper presented at the Second International Culture and the Canada-US Border conference, Nottingham, UK. June 2014.

Erickson, Mary. “KVOS-TV and Canawest Film Productions: A Case Study of Cross-Border Industry Dynamics, 1960-1977.” Paper presented at the International Communication Association conference, Seattle, WA. May 2014.

Erickson, Mary. “Bordering an Industry: KVOS-TV and Canawest Film Productions in the Pacific Northwest.” Paper presented for James W. Scott Fellowship, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. September 26, 2013.

Erickson, Mary and Macey, Deborah. “Anatomy of a Twitter Spat: Producing Media Activism for Teen Girls.” Paper presented at the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language & Gender conference, Tacoma, WA. October 2012.

Erickson, Mary. “Placing Regional Filmmaking ‘on the Motion Picture Map with Great, Big Letters’: A History of Film Production in the Pacific Northwest.” Paper presented at the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association conference, Seattle, WA. August 2011.

Erickson, Mary. “At the Edge: Independent Filmmakers Working at Outpost Locations.” Paper presented at the What is Film? Conference, Portland, OR. November 2009.

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