Book Chapters

Baltruschat, D. (2012). Reality TV Formats: The Case of Canadian Idol. In T. Mirrlees & J. Kispal-Kovacs (Eds.), The Television Reader: Critical Perspective in Canadian and US Television Studies. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Baltruschat, D. (2010). Auditioning for “Idol”: The Audience Dimension of Format Franchising. In A. Moran (Ed.), Localising Global TV: New Perspectives On Program Formats. Bristol, UK: Intellect Books.

Baltruschat, D. (2008). Film and Television Formats: The Cross-Border Adaptation of Interactive Media Productions. In J. Wasko & M. Erickson (Eds.), Cross-Border Cultural Production. Youngstown, NY: Cambria Press.

Erickson, Mary. (forthcoming in 2015). “The Pull of Place: Regional Indie Film Production.” In The Blackwell Companion to American Indie Film. Geoff King (Ed.), Blackwell Publishing.

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