Old film clips archived, restored, and telling PNW history

UWSpColl-1927-girls in pirate parade grays harbor

Girls in Captain Kidd’s Pirate Picnic, 1927 Image: University of Washington Special Collections (http://content.lib.washington.edu/filmarchweb/aberdeen.html)

The Seattle Times published a story about an eight-year restoration project that brought life in Grays Harbor in the 1920s to life through old film clips. Jack Broom reported that the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections‘ Nicollete Broomberg, a visual-materials curator, and Hannah Palin, a film-archive specialist, worked with UWTV and the 7th Avenue Theater in Hoquiam to produce “Grays Harbor Happenings: The Newsreels of C.D. Anderson.” It received a national bronze Telly Award in 2014 for History/Biography along with other awards. The news reels—originally in 35mm film and played in movie houses before the feature films—include footage from Aberdeen, Hoquiam, and Grays Harbor’s parades, picnics, and sporting events. The original film clips were found in an abandoned storage locker.

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