Introducing the Pacific Northwest Media Research Consortium

This post officially opens the blog for the Pacific Northwest Media Research Consortium, an international network of scholars and other supporters who are interested in media phenomena in an idyllic corner of the world.

It’s an exciting time for media in the Pacific Northwest. Just this month, we’re witnessing the emergence of two new film organizations – the City Lights Cinema in Florence, Oregon, and the Film Factory in Kelowna, BC – and this is just an inkling of the energy and momentum behind the growth and sustainability of media in this highly creative region.

The Pacific Northwest Media Research Consortium is committed to making a meaningful, positive impact on the state of PNW media by providing quality interdisciplinary research. We are interested in creating a space where conversations about media in the region can take place, where unique voices are heard, and where locally- and regionally-produced media is championed.

We are a dynamic group of researchers and supporters. We conduct research that examines the intersection of PNW media with a number of perspectives: historical, environmental, technological, cultural, economic, political, global, etc. We are interested in all media types, from film to television, video games to newspapers, comic books to public relations, internet to magazines. Media relevant to the Pacific Northwest is relevant to us.

This is not just a network for academics – and really, our mission doesn’t work without the communities that we champion. Please join us as members, as supporters, as participants, as observers. Together, we can support the sustainability of ethical, knowledgeable and responsible media that contribute to the cultural fabric of the region.

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